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Do you imagine to living in stress-free life? Would you rather live in perfect utopia, where you have no worries and being everything you ever wanted to be? Or, do you find yourself that you always concerned about every single detail of life that doesn’t make you feel happy? I know that feeling. People always wish to live in stress-free life. But is that really possible?

Let’s think about it. Why are people becoming so miserable about themselves? Why do we fear, worry about every aspect of life? Who are the fear mongers of our human mind?

Your brain is a fear detector

For thousands of years of the human revolution, we always have an irrational fear that makes you holding back your challenges and dreams. From conscious to unconscious level of our mind, our irrational fears always affects our life decisions. Whether it is physical, psychological, financial or even your career paths that decide your destiny. No, surprisingly It’s happening throughout the history of our human mind.

If you lived in 14th century in Europe, you might hear beliefs like ‘Whiches are coming to kill everyone one day!’. But we all knew that it was just Black Death which caused by a terrible sense of hygiene and the lack of medical technology. If you lived in late 90’s, you might hear of conspiracy theories that because of massive computer errors, our civilisation is going to be collapsed and never recovering back. But Y2K conspiracy theory came out the absolute nonsense, and we are still continuing our civilisations.

Not Surprisingly, you can hear many types of fears and irrational conspiracy theories regularly in the current year. The Fearmongering level of the Brexit, The US presidential election and Russian hacking was enormous. No matter which sides you on those topics, you could easily found out that none of them really covers with your rational analytics or logical decision-making process. Rather, depends on your emotions, your irrational fear impacts and exaggerates more on your moods and concerns.

Even if you have small matters now, How does it vital in your life? The fact is, your small concerns like ‘I’m so worried if she rejects me on a first date!’ ‘What if she disappointed me after dinner time?’ Probably not that necessary to concentrate. Even if it still depends on what kinds of challenges you had, just think again. How many stresses and concerns does it really matter urgently in your life?

Of course, we cannot deny that our brain is functioned by detecting the new danger and challenges. Our subconscious minds keep sending us the signals to feel the fear that recognises the change of your habits, environments and many things. Every problems and life events bring fear and worrisome. That’s how the human brain works. But Do you wanted to be struggled with having enormous stresses and fear all time?

Too many things to worry?

I used to have tonnes of concerns about life. I’ve been trying to force myself to be perfect as planned, or nothing stressed about everything. I always wanted to avoid the risks that made me uncomfortable and challengeable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really drive me happy. The more I tried to escape the fear, stresses and challenges, I became more stressful and miserable about everything in my life. It’s no surprised to see that I worried, over stressed about too much on everything. But the same time I wanted to be avoided a painful reality.

How irrational was I to be? How stupid and immature about myself and looking at the reality? In many ways, avoiding behaviours and unrealistic expectation about reality drives me crazy and uncomfortable. Not everything is going to happen as I wished. Not everyone would accept your favour or narratives that you want. I always believe myself that I knew a lot of things and I deserve better than being stressed or scared. But not every life journey happens as you wish.

However, there is a still great news. Even if you feel overwhelmed by too much life challenges and worries that eat you alive, you have to face it through the reality lenses. The more you could focus on the situations you were facing with, you could easily manage your fear and stresses. Whether the future consequences goes with it, it’s still good idea than avoiding responsibility and challenges.

Still struggled about next date with your crush? Don’t think it too much about it. Even if she is not interested in you, it’s not your fault that she does not become interested in you. There is no reason to be sad or stressed about it. Ever stressed about your future job interview? Whether they hired you or not, remember that there are still tonnes of thousands of job openings you can find on LinkedIn.

Don’t overestimate your life challenges. It only hurts your mind and happiness.

Face the reality

I know that life is not going to be ‘easy mode’ for everyone. I know that our irrational fears will keep overestimating your life challenges and concerns. But I also know that it has the tremendous opportunity for humans that we could always be a better one. If you are willing to work hard, face the challenges that make you fear, stressful but gives another opportunity to make you successful, then it’s better to try out. If you are brave enough to change your life crisis into the new opportunity, then you can handle your irrational fear on another level.

You don’t have to be panic on yourself every single time. Every terrible life events bring new opportunities as well. While loads of people lose their jobs and stock market values on the financial crisis in 2008, some people made this opportunity to raise up their chances to win the market and make their fortune for the next 10 years.

Thanks to my realisation of irrationality, my life is improving slowly at the moment. It made me being productive a step by step. It makes me feel great to accept new small challenges and to deal with new stresses. It also made me grateful to practice meditation every single night. I thought losing my weight and getting a healthy body is almost impossible for me. But it wasn’t. My journey of exercising and diet keep lead me to lose my weight and staying in shape. Who knows? I might start to learn new languages or new instruments in the future!

It’s impossible to remove your fear, stresses and worrisome on your mind. Your brain won’t allow it, and it is the core energy to face the challenges and improves your work skills for making a better future. Not every crisis on your life sets you to be failed. If you face reality, and dealing with it wisely, you will eventually find a new opportunity on somewhere. Don’t fear shit about it. Break the ice and work for your potentials!


  • Throughout of the human history, a human has driven by irrational fears that either sets you back or make you find a new opportunity to lead your Thanks to our brain, we figured out that our subconscious mind detects the risks and boosting fears and defensive behaviours on new challenges.
  • That leads you to make feel uncomfortable about new challenges. It may want you to avoid the pain and deny the reality of your life. But it only makes you feel worse, uncomfortable on your mind.
  • Even if you fear about everything. Not all your concerns is that important as you think. For example, if she doesn’t come out your second date, it’s not your fault that she is not interested in you. There is no room for overestimating the consequences on this small issues.
  • Embrace the challenges and practice to manage your emotions as possible. You cannot automatically control your irrationality, fear, and any other negative emotions. But if you are willing to face the challenges and work hard to getting through it, it’s possible to overcome your fear and to get an excellent opportunity in your life.
  • Ty to do your best to find out how to make the better version of yourself. It requires hard works, loads of mistakes and some of success and failures. But those things are what makes us as human and our life more flexible, dynamic and challengeable. Focus on your essential problems in your life and deal with it. Don’t forget to appreciate little things that you have too!

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