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 Writing is a fun thing to do. But it certainly needs consistency. It doesn’t matter if you messed up grammar, vocabularies or the sentence structures. Your mistakes can be learned and revised after your first trials. It doesn’t really matter if you are naturally good at writing or never done with writing before. But the real question is why you would love to write again? Especially, why would you write in English at this time? Of course, English is not my first language. It’s going to be very challenging ever before. But why I want to write in English?

Thinking too much

I have no idea if this is the natural gift or nightmare from my brain. But since I was young, I’ve constantly been thinking about many subjects. I was always reading a books, newspaper, internet articles. And I really like to think about many things differently. Maybe it’s because I have a serious belief system that I was very stupid. Or it’s just my instincts that I have to figure it out what are the things can be true or lies. Whether my doubts goes around, It always encouraging me to think about many subjects insanely. So Why can’t I start to challenge my thoughts into the real world?

Interestingly, South Korea (where I born and raised) has few ironic that drove the country successfully in the development for the last few decades. Korean culture has extremely obsessed with academic achievements. Most of them want to invest everything in education for achieving success. That insanity results in one of the most successful academic, economic developments in the world of the last few decades. But at the same time the cultural, educational, the social system became centralised and inflexible. It literally makes people think about new ideas outside of the box. It’s no surprise to see that why their productivity is becoming lower sharply every year. It’s very unfortunate to see that many Koreans are suffering to live stressful academic-driven life system that only looks at one option for their life (academic achievement). As we know, there are many ways to achieve success in your life. Whether it comes from business, sports, music, art, movies, travel or so on. But I can’t see the new insight from Korean system itself.

Of course, they all look unhappy about their life. They started to hate themselves and treat others miserably. They might save their lives only if they follow their instincts and build their own life systems that work the ‘best’ for them. But they failed. Just like the sinking ships, only a few people were decided to escape from that system.

Luckily, I’ve always been thinking about outside of boxes. Whether it comes from politics, social ideologies, economics, business, lifestyle… I’ve always been thinking about it critically. I’ve been working hard to build up my own system in my life. Sometimes it doesn’t work that made me almost broken person. But sometimes it surprisingly works well that drove me the hope and achievement. Thinking differently always saves my life. It would be really interesting to share my experience all over the world.

Sharing My stories

Human loves storytelling. Our human society seems very excited to hear a tremendous amount of human stories all over the world. Everyone didn’t have same life experiences as you do. But at some point, the Cultural and social system always wants to expect you to have similar life stories like others. There have been few trials were actually trying to make it same or equal. But we already saw that systems called ‘Communism’ and ‘Socialism’ didn’t work well in many countries.

But Why people loves storytelling? It’s because every different story has wisdom that makes you think about the life direction again. It makes you more flexible, enjoyable. It will make you helpful to be smart, better person. A lot of human stories makes me inspirational that leads me decided to a better decision for the future. Isn’t it always fascinating to hear different stories and learn about it from each other?

So, It is our natural instinct that makes your experiences into the storytelling. Whether it could be books, movies, or stand-up comedy. I decided to share my stories and see how it goes. Of course, not everyone would be excited to read my stories. Some people might disagree with me. Or some people would love to keep read my blogs. But it would also be great if you tell your stories and practice your writing skill at the same time?


Practice writing skills

Without any doubts, the more you write and revise your writings, you will most likely end up with improving your writing skills. Of course, some of you might wonder what’s the point to practice writing. Some of your parents or teachers might say the only writing you need to practice is your resume(CV). But what if you keep constantly practice to writing? What if, someday you could write novels that became so popular that leads you to be a successful person? Yes, It’s very competitive market to beat other great stories. And I have no idea if I eventually ended up with writing a novel or be journalists. All of the future options are open. But what if you could achieve those things through the system?

As I mentioned in previous posts (Why someone quits the gym at new year), I empathise that if you still have a goal-oriented mindset, you will be most likely to be failed for keep doing exercising and dieting. At the same time, if you are approaching writing as a goal-oriented mindset, you will most likely couldn’t write anything on this week. Write 100 articles on 6 months will make you extremely miserable. But if you build a system that makes you practice to write at least 10 sentences on this week, you could probably end up with writing some pieces of good articles on next 6 months.

That’s how do I approaching on writing as well. My subconscious mindset seems very strange and slow that only leads me to write 1 ~ 2 blog articles on each week. But it somehow works for me at the moment. I have no idea how articles would I write more, but I’m establishing a simple system that leads me to write something at least. This is the system-oriented writing mindset. Nothing will be that extremely difficult if you constantly apply this in your life.

Where is the diversity?

You might disagree on this or not. But it doesn’t really matter the age of Social media and self-righteous age we are living. Since everything is connected, we could watch, read, write, comment and even ranting on every single opinion on social media. I thought this is the great opportunity to express your opinion whether your belief systems are. I thought the internet free speech is going to be well balanced that everyone can share different opinions. But Unfortunately, internet censorship is happening all over the world. Even social media platforms are becoming too sensitive for many people. Which leads them to police opinions and operating artificial ‘fake news’ sensors that may automatically block information.

Regardless of your political, social belief systems, If you offends their feelings and break down their egos, or if you just disagrees with them, some users were most likely be banned or removed the website completely. I have no idea why this totalitarian idea came from. But if the internet culture goes like this totalitarian mindset, we will most likely lose the freedom of information and belief systems. That also brings us the huge backlash that may cause unnecessary conflicts all over the world.

Yes. We all witnessed the value of free speech is under attack. Some sides of political, social opinion on social media is being oppressed. If we truly don’t respect the value of freedom of speech and diversity of the opinions, we will have no civilisation anymore. Nothing will be progress if we are unable to recognise the real issues. So, I would love to see how it is happening all over the world. It doesn’t really matter about feelings and egos anymore. Everyone should express and say their opinions if you truly believe something goes absolutely wrong. As always, I would love to write about many different opinions. To make a world better place, everyone could contribute a little by little.

Securing free speech

Eventually, It’s all about the freedom of expression. Just imagine if everyone can discuss the new ideas and opinions whether the differences are coming from… we will truly reach the diversity of ideas, and our world will be driven by innovation, hope and prosperity. But if we are becoming too lazy to express your thoughts, beliefs and feelings, or if you were too scared of write something it’s because of the suppression of free speech….. just imagine what kind of nightmare will lead to your mind. Imagine the nightmares that everyone has no thoughts and controlled only by special interests and big brothers.

Writing yourself isn’t just about for fun or expressing yourself. It also could be a long journey to find out the inner spirit of yourself and fight against the belief system you disagree. Whether you write a novel or blog or journals, you are the part of the movement to make free speech principles stronger. The more people wake up and write about anything they want, our civilisation will be richer and creative ever than before. So this is why I’m very happy to decide to write my blog. It’s going to be a long journey to see how it goes.

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  • I’ve always thinking too much about many things. And it makes my brain a bit more complicated and unhappy to do nothing than thinking. So I decided to write again in English.
  • Human loves storytelling. They all look excited about reading novels or biographies. So It’s going to be great to share my life stories and experiences on this blog.
  • If you have a system-oriented writing mindset, your writing skill is going to improve a lot. You could use that skill on many parts of your life. Whether it comes CV or writing a novel.
  • The world needs different opinions. And it has to be respected. Whether it is correct or not, it is always wrong to block certain types of political or belief system you disagree with. Or are we just heading towards to 1984?
  • If you constantly write something, whether it comes from blog, novels, journals or even social media comments, you are contributing to growing free speech atmosphere all over the world. don’t be ever afraid to express your thoughts and you should be proud of it!